Safety Practices


This comes from the Official Bowls Australia Club Coaches Manual P. 32.


Placing the mat on the bank.

Place it correctly; ensuring it is flat on the surface of the bank, without part of it hanging over the edge. This will reduce the risk of someone tripping over it, or slipping by stepping on it.


Closing and storing bowls bags.

By correctly closing bowls bags, and stowing them under seats and away from walkways, we minimize the chance of a player catching part of their clothing, or tripping over the bag.


Bowls scoops, bowls lifters and umbrellas.

These items should be placed out of the way on the bank when not in use. When placing a bowls lifter on the green it should be placed under a bowl when not in use. Be aware of what is around. Being aware of what surrounds you will help reduce the chances of falling or tripping over bowls & equipment.